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Our work is based on 7 principles of Leadership

  • 1 Leadership is About Chasing Vision, not money.
    Together we create a better future.
  • 2 Communication & Engagement.
    Together we find better ways to solve problems.
  • 3 Leadership is about  Behavior, not Position.
    Together we create values.
  • 4 There is Always Room for Growth.
    Together we grow and grow steady.
  • 5 Live our values.
    Together we are the brand.
  • 6 Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
    Together we believe we can.
  • 7 What we do, we do well.
    Together we are stronger.

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What to expect from us?

We invest in training, we acknowledge quality and we listen to people, in a constant commitment to our employees.A potential employee can expect from us a relationship based on an ongoing commitment to mutual demands, stimulus and respect.
Our commitment to our employees

Constant involvement and commitment
For us, it is as essential to evaluate our performance as an employer as to measure the performance of our business. For this reason we maintain channels of communication to, together with our employees, identify areas in which our performance and labour relations can be improved.

Comprehensive integration programme
When employees start working with us or after internal job changes, they take part in programmes to increase their knowledge of the duties of the new post and obtain the training necessary to pursue their activities.

Recognition of merit   
We have a culture of evaluation and recognition of merit that aims to identify individual capabilities, to encourage self-evaluation, to promote dialogue between management and teams and to acknowledge and reward the performance of each employee with fairness, impartiality and transparency.

Training necessary to correctly perform functions
With a concern to have the "right person in the right place", we organise courses to provide direct on-the-job training, or in classes, through self-study schemes or team learning, and other methods. These courses may be internal, using the Organisation's own know-how, or external, at centres of excellence and innovation or benefiting from the experiences of third parties.

Stimulating development and professional excellence
We invest in the development of our employees and promote the diversification of skills by advocating mobility within the Group. We set out ambitious goals, encouraging employees to overcome the challenges that we raise.

Salaries and other benefits
The payment of fair, attractive and competitive remuneration is, for us, a decisive factor for excellent performance. It is our practice to review and adapt the salary policies of our company annually in order to attract and retain human capital.

Objectives of the salary and benefits policy

  • To promote the development, growth and competitiveness of teams;
  • To reward and recognize their efforts;
  • To give employees responsibility for short, medium and long-term results and objectives.

Fringe Benefits
To ensure the needs of our employees are met, we establish partnerships with organizations in various areas, including Education, Health and Wellness. Benefits and discounts are granted to all employees and, in certain circumstances, also to their families.

What we expect from you?

We aim to attract the best professionals from different areas in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the challenges that we face.
We follow the evolution and growth of the global market. For this reason, we consider recruitment to be a key instrument for the growth and strengthening of our market position.
What we expect from our employees

Passion for the business
People who share our enthusiasm for the world of food, taking into account that our stores are our core activity.

A sense of responsibility and commitment
People with a strong sense of responsibility, openness and commitment.

A constant desire to learn
People that show a constant desire to improve their skills and their performance, who are proactive in reaching this objective and humble enough to recognise that this task is inexhaustible.

Identification with the Group's culture
People with a high level of moral integrity, loyalty and strictly ethical conduct in all areas of action.

Team spirit
People who place global objectives above individual objectives and contribute to a harmonious workplace. In our Group, everybody is rowing in the same direction.

People with a capacity to resist and overcome adversities and with self-motivation to do always more and better.

Desire to make a difference
People with a desire to make a difference, to leave their mark, adding value to the work carried out.

Limas Techniek BV has more than 450 employees, spreaded between different countries and three major areas of business. In 2015 the Group created 250 new jobs, representing a net growth of 35% compared to 2014.
Find out how to apply for career opportunities at the LTBV here, you can also leave us your expontaneous application below.
Consult our offers and select the job opportunity that best fits your profile and submit  your Curriculum Vitae Below.

(Note: Only the CV´s submitted via this page will be accounted for the recruitment process.)


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