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Our Strategy & Core Values

Limas Techniek BV’s strategy is based on providing excellent services to both clients and contractors. Our success depends on how effectively we conduct our core business: finding, selecting and supervising the right specialists for our clients.

Limas Techniek BV  was founded in 1996 by Paulo Lima. Starting with the placement of a single fellow engineer, the foundation was laid for what became a leader provider of business services that specialises in the flexible placement of professionals. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and diversify, but has always maintained Paulo Lima’s original focus: placing highly qualified technical specialists.

We Challenge, Build and Evolve
In LTBV we know that our customer do not have time to seek the right  human resources experts in a record time, so we take up our experts to our customer. We do this through our network of diverse connections into the industry in which we operate, while adopted a flexible logistic process. It would be very frustrating for our client to hire a service and find out that  it is not the service he wants or the type of service he needs. We provide to our client the number of experts we wants, in the sectors and disciplines he needs. Often our customer ask us to present several proposals in a various types of  sectors / disciplines in which we operate to only hire one kind of service...because he wants to look, ask questions and experience the service before making a decision. Experts who are no longer needed will be demobilized by us for free and without bureaucracy.
As one of the specialist leading groups providing services within the Industry & Energy sector, we are in the business for powering potential. Powering potential for our customers, whose problems we solve and whose lives we enrich by helping them make their most challenging projects come true.

Potential for our people, who are our most valuable asset. Potential for our shareholders, who are committed to the success of our company. And above all, powering potential for the Earth, because without a sustainable energy management there will no potential for the future.
Limas Techniek’s people are driven by passion and dedication in order to offer our customers a closeness relationship at the same time we provide an efficient, sustainable and confident service.

We believe that together we create a better future, that’s why we strive to evolve at the speed the world changes. We want to be able, do more and get further ahead.
Core Values
Team work

Our History Through Time

    • 1995
    • 2015
  • LIMAS TECHNIEK BV was established in 1996, accumulating 20 years of experience in developing complex and highly specialized engineering services, construction & maintenance.
  • LIMAS TECHNIEK BV got VCA* certificate in 1998.
  • LIMAS PROJECTS BV was established in 2008. The addition if this company consolidated the Limas Group activity in electromechanical installations and maintenance.
  • CLAROFLEX BV was founded in 2009, it is a temporary agency work, focused on season and temporary work in the sectors of construction, logistic & production.
  • LIMAS TECHNIEK BV and LIMAS PROJECTS BV changed for a new adress. In begin of 2009.
  • HABIMONTE BV was established in 2011 focused on Construction & Infra, it continued the expansion of the Limas Group.
  • In 2013, LIMAS TECHNIEK BV got VCA** 2008/5.1 acreditation.
  • In 2013, LIMAS PROJECTS BV got VCU acreditation.

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